BECOMING ELEANOR - “Sheiness has achieved an old world European flavor distinctive of the classic authors of, say,
Shakespeare’s time. It is amazing to think that a modern playwright could have written something like it.”
- Vicki Paris Goodman, The Signal Tribune

BEST ALL ROUND - “Sheiness has come up with a funny and terribly touching symbol of adolescent innocence, 50's style.”
- Marilyn Stasio, New York Post


DEALERS CHOICE "Sheiness has a great sense of how far one can go with the fantastic in an every day situation, tersely written and always true to character, quite gripping, shrewdly funny.” - Michael Feingold, Village Voice

MONKEY MONKEY BOTTLE OF BEER, HOW MANY MONKEYS HAVE WE HERE? “Strong, serious theater [from Sheiness], takes the stage with power and presence, tantalizingly enigmatic, sharply detailed dialogue.”
 - Tom McElfresh, Cincinnati Enquirer

PROFESSOR GEORGE “Lucid, funny and challenging proof that the drama of the mind [by Sheiness] can be as riveting as the drama of action.” 
 - Michael Feingold, Village Voice

THE SPELLING BEE “It is a pleasure then, to come upon such a disciplined, tightly written piece of work as Marsha Sheiness’ The Spelling Bee.”
 - Don Nelson, Daily News

STOP THE PARADE "Sheiness’ play is a serious and powerful examination of sexuality and the carelessness of macho violence packaged in a highly comic exterior.”
 - Alan L. Gansberg, Show Business